24 Jun 2014

Diesel Trucks

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Diesel trucks racing at Alaska Raceway Park will be required to have an overflow can with a fuel by-pass.

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  1. Alaska Raceway Park: “The fuel bypass is the return line to tank from the injection pump. Where we need a catch can is on the crankcase overflow vent tube. This can be as simple as a plastic pop bottle zip tied over the discharge end of the tube.”

  2. Kevin Hansen says:
  3. If by crankcase overflow vent tube, you mean the crankcase vent, what if that vents into the intake pre-turbo (as on a stock 7.3L Powerstroke)? Is a catch can needed in that case? If the crankcase “overflows”, there’s going to be more problems than a little oil dribbling out the tube.

  4. Mike Schmidt says:
  5. Exactly. I can’t see how a fuel bypass will change any possible leak problems. Blow-by coming out of the breather tube is

  6. There is a good thread about this on the ARP Facebook page that talks about this.

  7. Here is the facebook post

  8. Sorry for the confusion. The first link, if it works for you, is a link to a discussion thread I started on a forum that caters specifically to diesel racers, about the various issues I and others have had getting through tech. I hope it can help people show up prepared. I only started racing last year, coming from a purely off-road background, passing tech has been a very steep learning curve.

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