30 Sep 2013

Tentative Schedule Posted

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We know, the 2013 season is barely run, but 2014 will be a very special year and we are planning it already!   Please check the tentative schedule posted on the schedule page.  Then send suggested changes, comments, likes, dislikes to Alaska Raceway Park.  Nothing is cast in concrete, yet, so make suggestions.

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  1. Rick Nissen says:
  2. The date scheduled for the 2013 Iron Man might not be a good date due to past attendance of regular racers.

  3. Rick Nissen says:
  4. Another item that has been tossed around by a few racers is to have a “Swap Meet” in the spring with all the $ generated going to the track for the “Paving Fund” . Myself along with a number of other racers have items that we are going to donate and the proceeds will go to Earl and Karen to help cover the cost of the recent paving project. I think we all have stuff that can be donated to the cause. What ya think?

  5. I agree with Rick about the Ironman. I would suggest Memorial Day because the track will be coming around a little better and more people.
    The swap meet should be a huge funds raiser. I know I can come with some items.I would think memorial weekend for this as well. The more spectators that are at the track the better business will be for the swap meet.

  6. Rick Nissen says:
  7. I like your thinking Clint…

  8. I think we should have a points day on 6/1/14, as summer is just too short, and the weather is usually very good at that time.

  9. I agree about maximizing running days during the time when the weather is historically the best. But I do also recognize that there are a ton of other things that people would like to get done during our short summers so a happy balance is found.

    As far as the swap meet, I suggested this past season that one could be done when the car show was going on in Palmer, when we had a race day the day prior and after it (Hot Summer Night Car Show Weekend). Reason being to give the folks that are not local more of a reason to come down (or up) for that weekend. Right now, May 10th like it is currently listed feels a bit early.

    As far as the swap meet being used as a “Fund Raiser”, I’d like to throw in the idea of setting up a “donation table” that if people wanted to/giving them the choice to donate, from their own personal table if they choose and those proceeds from that “donation table” go to the track fund. I know I could donate some stuff to the table. I think it would generate more interest and involvement in the entire swap meet idea. Just an idea.

    A swap meet needs to be advertised. Nothing that costs money specifically, things like Craig’s List, Facebook groups and on the regularly printed schedule. There are not a lot of automotive type swap meets in the area and when there is one (like the one at the Northway Mall) there is a large turnout from what I have seen. It could bring in a lot of people that don’t even know that the track exists (sellers and buyers) which would in turn bring in more spectators on race days in the future. It also has the chance of bringing out some of those older “rollers” that are sitting in peoples garage not racing anymore and sold to someone that would put it back on the track. I can think of 2 in specific that may be brought out to be sold depending on the actual date of the swap meet. Again, just an idea.

  10. I think Will is writing a novel !
    but he has some valid points.
    we need more cars, more spectators, more motorsports in general in Alaska, we all need to do our part in promoting what we all love.

  11. As far as ” A swap meet ” what about getting with the midnight sun group and try and have a swap meet at the track when we have the cool cruise? and make that some how into a fund raiser… Maybe Rick and I could do some ride along auctions? 1/8 mile rides…… I do like the Memorial week end to. We could make that into a pretty big day (Saturday) with the right planning. Swap meet, street car race, Iron man race.

  12. KevinArchbald says:
  13. I’m new to the motors ports in Alaska. This schedule and suggestions sound great. I’m stationed at JBER so if there is anything I can do to help promote a open track day or car show especially for non-profit or like Will said above to maintain and recoup funds for track improvements please feel free to email me at and I’ll put out the word here on base. There are a lot of guys and gals here who are into performance cars. I also have a contact in the performance car sales who is interested in sponsoring an event! Let me know.

  14. Mike Mihalka says:
  15. Running the 2013 Ironman Race on Mother’s Day is going to be an absolute crap shoot. The Ironman Race is supposed to be a prestigious event! Running it on the opening day of the season is a bad idea.
    And for the 2014 Ironman Race, I think that all points racing competitors should have shot at that trophy, not just the Top Ten racers in each class. The Ironman Race should also be a stand alone race, like on a Saturday in the middle of the summer.

    Mighty Mike….

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